According to the SPD, Rösler's plans are "sham"

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According to the SPD, Rösler's plans are "sham"

Federal Health Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) 's drug savings plans have been severely criticized by SPD General Secretary Andrea Nahles: According to the politician, what appears to be savings at first glance is basically nothing more than "pharmaceutical lobbyism in disguise", because the pharmaceutical industry may continue to sell its drugs at immensely high prices in the future. Rösler's plans provide that pharmaceutical companies are no longer allowed to set the prices for new products indefinitely without "control" from outside, as before, but should only have this freedom in the future in the first year of product launch - after that, according to the planning, should now The prices are negotiated with the health insurance companies on the basis of an assessment of the costs and benefits drawn up by the company and thus decrease.

As nice as this idea sounds, for Andrea Nahles it should be treated with caution and viewed as "pure sham" with a view to the insured. In addition, according to Nahles Rösler's plans, the aim would be for the statutory health insurance to be abolished in its current form as full insurance, because according to his plan, the insurers would only assume a basic premium for part of the products in the future - the rest would then have to be paid by be taken over by the insured themselves. In plain language this would mean: Those who want better or more appropriate care may have to dig deep into their pockets, or as Andrea Nahles puts it: "It divides our society into those who can afford full health insurance and those who only get basic services. " (Sb, March 28, 2010)

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