Sharp criticism of health insurance premium increases

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Social association criticizes the increase in health insurance premiums and the increase in possible additional premiums as a "bad news for patients and insured persons". That would be a flat rate per head through the back door.

(06.07.2010) The government coalition plans to finance health costs more unfairly and anti-social. The apparently fair increase in contributions for employers and those insured by law by 0.3 percent each is accompanied by an opening of the cover for increasing additional contributions. In the future, those insured by law will have to bear growing health care costs alone because the employer contribution is fixed. This is the head allowance through the back door, even if it's not called that. This was explained by the Federal Director of People's Solidarity, Dr. Bernd Netherland, on Tuesday on the government coalition's plans for changes in funding in statutory health insurance.

"These plans are bad news for patients and insured people. They already bear about 60 percent of health costs, while employers only make up 40 percent
Coalition implemented, this imbalance is further aggravated. Because then the legally insured will have to raise up to 7 billion euros on their own, "said the Netherlands.

The burdens for those insured by law are growing immensely. Social compensation remains nebulous. This particularly affects low-income earners, pensioners, the unemployed, students and trainees. Pensioners who have to count on a zero round in 2011 again experience real income losses. Zero rounds become real minus rounds. "

"People's solidarity calls for a return to equal funding of health costs." At the same time, it must be taken into account that the importance of wage income is declining compared to other types of income. That is why we stick to our demand for citizens' insurance, in which everyone participates with all types of income according to their economic performance, "explained the federal managing director.

The Netherlands welcomed the coalition's efforts to cut spending, especially on medicines. However, it falls short of the possibilities here. "It is not clear, for example, that Germany is almost the only country in Europe with the full VAT rate on pharmaceuticals. Here, the federal government could exonerate the insured by reorganizing VAT by EUR 2.8 billion." Significant potential can also be tapped by avoiding expensive double structures, improved prevention and rehabilitation. (PM solidarity)

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