Too much exercise is unhealthy

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Too much exercise can also be unhealthy. Those who constantly train beyond their performance limits can become more susceptible to infections.

In general, sport promotes health and strengthens the body's defense mechanisms. But if you overdo it with sports and overwhelm your body, you can quickly get sick. This was pointed out by the Center for Health of the German Sport University Cologne.

This is not good news for sporty people, but rather a tip for sports fanatics. Because those who continuously train their bodies beyond the performance limit are also more susceptible to infections. That's what sports scientist Prof. Ingo Froböse said. The phenomenon is particularly common among top athletes. Basically, mass athletes are better protected because they effectively "train" their immune systems. However, many people overwhelm their body almost unnoticed because they constantly move to the limits of their own performance limits in order to achieve better results. "And that weakens the immune system," explains expert Prof. Ingo Froböse.

Excessive exercise can weaken the body and make it more susceptible to infection
If the body is weakened, pathogens can spread quickly. However, if the sports are practiced moderately, the hormone adrenaline supports the immune system from the start. Continuous training makes the immune system stronger and more effective. "More immune cells are developing, and their immune response is constantly being improved," said the sports expert Froböse. However, if the strain on the body is too great, the organism suffers. The hormone cortisol is increasingly released, which weakens the human defense system. "Especially after a hard training session, the immune system excessively reduces its activity - this leads to the 'open window phenomenon'", explains Froböse. If the so-called window is open, the pathogens can spread. This condition is not only observed during sports, but even hours and days afterwards. Sport should therefore always be done in the right dose. In addition, you should give the body enough time to relax after a strenuous sport session. (sb, October 13, 2010)

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