First deaths from EHEC infections

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EHEC infections claim the first fatalities

While the search for the causes of the massive increase in EHEC infections is still in full swing and the consumption of raw vegetables is increasingly under suspicion, according to “” the first deaths from the bloody diarrhea are now being recorded.

An 83-year-old patient died as a result of the EHEC infection, said the Lower Saxony Ministry of Health in Hanover this morning. The woman died on Saturday in a clinic in the district of Diepholz, a spokesman for the ministry said. In addition, according to "" there is a suspicion that a young patient in a Bremen clinic fell victim to the consequences of the EHEC infection. Although the laboratory diagnostic evaluation of the cause of death has not yet been completed, all signs indicate an EHEC infection, reports the news portal. The search for the causes of the dramatic increase in life-threatening EHEC infection has, however, given the first signs of a possible infection from eating raw vegetables, experts from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) report in an interview with the broadcaster "SWR".

Two patients died of EHEC infections A significant increase in life-threatening EHEC infections can currently be observed. In contrast to the relatively rare cases in recent years, fewer children are affected, but mainly adult women, Susanne Glasmacher, spokeswoman for the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, told the SWR. This could be due to the fact that women prepare the food more often and become infected, according to the expert. The health authorities had already called at the end of last week to urgently see a doctor when the first signs of an EHEC infection appeared. The most striking feature of the infection is bloody diarrhea, but there are far more serious health consequences, including kidney failure and patient death. This fate has now happened to an 83-year-old patient from the district of Diepholz. Although she had been in clinical treatment for the bloody diarrhea since May 15, the doctors could not save the patient's life and the elderly woman succumbed to the consequences of the EHEC infection on Saturday. According to, a young patient in a Bremen clinic probably died as a result of the EHEC infection. All signs point to the life-threatening bowel disease, even if the laboratory diagnostic evaluation is not yet available, reports the news portal.

Pay particular attention to hygiene to avoid EHEC infections. However, the search for the causes of the increased number of EHEC infections is still ongoing. "We do not yet know where the germ for the current infections has its cause. So far, we can virtually exclude raw milk or raw meat as a source, ”said RKI spokeswoman Susanne Glasmacher. According to the expert, the most likely source of infection remains the consumption of raw vegetables or the transmission from person to person. The Robert Koch Institute therefore urgently recommends those affected to see a doctor at the first signs of an EHEC infection, also to reduce the risk of transmission to others. The RKI experts urge that hygiene should also be given special attention and that hand washing should not be forgotten after each use of the toilet. (fp)

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