Biochronotherapy is no remedy for diabetes

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Biochronotherapy for type 1 diabetes is better not a treatment of choice

Biochronotherapy using the method of Professor Dr. Viktor Alexander Borisov promises diabetes patients relief from their illness and incorrectly suggests a possible "recovery from chronic diabetes", according to the latest from the German Diabetes Association (DDG)

According to its own account, the German Diabetes Society received an inquiry about the treatment of a 12-year-old girl who has been suffering from insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes for three years and in October 2011 in the private medical practice of Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Graf and Prof. Viktor Borisov in Baden Baden were treated with a so-called "biochronotherapy". The approximately 30,000 euro treatment allegedly contributed to the "recovery from chronic diabetes", according to the medical therapy certificate.

The German Diabetes Aid has now issued a statement on biochronotherapy on behalf of the German Diabetes Society, according to which it is strongly discouraged from using it and contradicts the claim that biochronotherapy will improve or even improve diabetes. There is "no scientifically proven evidence" for the effect of biochronotherapy, so the position of the DDG. The German Diabetes Society and German Diabetes Aid therefore advise clinics and patients not to "get involved in these treatment options by Prof. Borisov and staff", said Prof. med. Thomas Danne, CEO of Deutsche Diabetes-Hilfe and chief physician at the children's hospital on the Bult in Hanover.

In the case of biochronotherapy according to Prof. Viktor Borisov, an “immune correction” is to be achieved by means of the photosensitizer chlorin in capsule form, which contributes to the rehabilitation of the immune system and thus alleviates the symptoms of diabetes or at best even cures it. So far, however, there is no scientific evidence of the effect of the therapy, and the success could be easily checked using relatively simple blood sugar measurements. According to Prof. Thomas Danne, “serious alternative therapies to treat or even cure type 1 diabetes” do not exist - “even if some treatment options suggest this.” According to this, the lifelong administration of insulin is for type 1 Diabetics are still the only possible therapy, but only address the symptoms and cannot resolve the cause of the diabetes. (fp)

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