Anger can cause fainting in the child

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Angry spasms can cause the child to faint

Angry spasms in children are usually harmless. Small children cannot control their feelings, so feelings such as severe frustration or fear can be expressed in so-called respiratory affect cramps. Because the child holds his breath for a short time, angry spasms can lead to fainting. Experts advise parents to be vigilant.

Anger is usually harmless and passes quickly Children in the defiance phase sometimes start to have anger. The child holds his breath for a short time and may even faint. As a rule, the seizures are harmless and quickly over. Nevertheless, parents should be careful.

"In the event of a rage, parents should make sure that their child cannot injure themselves if it falls or throws up," Professor Hans-Jürgen Nentwich, board member of the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ), told the news agency "dpa "The mouth of the child should be free of food residues or sweets so that nothing can slip into the windpipe." Ideally, those present lay the passed out child in the side position, but usually the attack is too short for breathing to resume. "

In rare cases, fainting has other causes. Children between the ages of six months and six years are most often affected by respiratory affect cramps. They occur less and less when the child has better control of their emotions from school age. Although the seizures are usually harmless and over in a few seconds, parents should go to the doctor with their child when they first appear. In rare cases, there may also be other causes, such as seizures (epilepsy), cardiac arrhythmia or iron deficiency. "Most of the time, parents know what triggers a child's affect spasm," explains Nentwich. "Anger, fear, or intense frustration are often the starting points for such an outburst." The child's face color becomes bluish. "Children don't do this on purpose, it's a kind of reflex." In very rare cases, a similar fainting can also be triggered by sudden startling, in which the child immediately turns pale.

“Anger cramps often occur with minimal triggers, such as malaise. However, the dramatic symptoms usually disappear quickly. Parents can urge their children to take a deep breath. That calms the little ones, ”advises Gritli Bertram, social worker from Hanover.

Basically, the seizures of the dear little ones should in no way lead to parents paying their children an excessive amount of attention and setting no limits, reports the BVKJ. Such behavior could trigger a vicious cycle. (ag)

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