PKV providers announce premium increases

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Four private health insurance companies have announced premium increases for the coming year

In the coming year, privately insured people will have to look forward to further premium increases. For example, Gothaer or Hallesche are planning to adjust their double-digit premium in some tariffs. Central has announced that private patient deductibles will increase to a greater extent. Most providers remain silent, however, so as not to damage the image. According to the online magazine "Versicherungsjournal", only four providers have announced price increases for 2013 at the moment. However, people with private health insurance have to expect premium increases for the next year.

Contributions increase in the double-digit range
Almost every year, insured under private health insurance (PKV) can expect higher premiums. The first insurers have already published the first key figures for premium development for the coming year 2013. Some providers have already announced that the tariff contributions will increase in the double-digit range. According to the Halleesche increases the tariffs for men between 4 and 12 percent. However, women's tariffs should not rise and in some cases even decrease, as the insurance broker Sven Hennig reports on his blog. According to the expert, some tariffs are said to be massively affected by increases. For example, Hallesche apparently wants to increase the “NK tariff” by up to 65 percent.

Increase deductible
In addition to the "Halleschen", the "Central" plans to adjust some tariffs. For example, premium increases of up to nine percent are to take place. Because the expenditure side for health care services is getting higher and higher, Cologne Insurance plans to increase the policyholder's excess by up to 23 percent. If the figures are extrapolated, the excess of a customer increases in some tariffs on average by 150 euros.

According to the insurance expert, Gothaer will not be able to do without premium increases, as the expert Hans Jung reports. Here, the contributions for men and women should increase between two and six percent. The "MediVita Z 90" tariff is said to be most affected. As of 2013, Jung predicts that men will have to pay up to 29 percent more.

Almost all private health insurance providers will raise premiums
Observers in the insurance industry expect that numerous other private insurance companies will adjust their tariffs. So far, not all PKV providers have published their forecasts. Most insurers shy away from increases because they are a sign of poor premium stability for new customers. Therefore, "Axa" and the "Allianz" have already announced that they expect stable contributions "in some tariffs". This is also followed by the Barmenina. Barmenia CEO Josef Beutelmann said in March of this year that it "looks not bad that many triggering factors for premium adjustments will not start".

"It is striking that no private insurer has yet given a price guarantee for the coming year," said Heiner Schmitz, an insurance expert from Hanover. Schmitz assumes, however, that companies know very well what adjustments need to be made in pricing. However, because increases are unpopular and spoil new customer business, most insurance companies keep their numbers secret, although calculations for the coming year should have been made long ago.

Only in 2012 massive tariff increases
At the turn of the year 2011/2012, the industry caused a sensation. Some insurance companies had to increase their private health insurance tariffs by up to 60 percent. The leading association of private health insurance cited the large number of "non-payers", demographic change and new innovations on the medical market as reasons. In addition, the cost-effective newcomer tariffs had to be raised significantly, because otherwise care in old age is not guaranteed.

In the course of the debate, numerous politicians called for the introduction of citizens' insurance. Consumer advocates called for immediate reform of private health insurance because more and more private patients would complain about rising premiums. The CDU health expert Jens Spahn had also spoken in favor of abolishing private health insurance. (sb)

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