No pill for disabled women over 20

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Verdict: Health insurance does not have to pay pill for disabled women over 20

The statutory health insurance companies only have to cover the cost of the pill for women up to the age of 20. The Hessian Social Court confirmed this regulation for disabled women on Wednesday. A disability aid association had complained because mentally handicapped people were only partially able to guarantee the necessary change of life during pregnancy.

Previous regulation of the assumption of costs for the pill also for the disabled confirmed The statutory health insurance companies only cover the costs of the contraceptive pill for women up to the age of 20 in order to protect young women in training from a financial situation for financial reasons devices.

A club of inpatient assistance for the disabled had sued the health insurer for recourse claims because it prescribed the pill to disabled patients who had exceeded the age limit. As the association explained, disabled women are unable or only partially able to adapt their living conditions to pregnancy. In addition, many affected people take medication that could lead to malformations and developmental disorders of the fetus.

However, the Hessian Social Court confirmed the previous regulation in the second instance on Wednesday. Regardless of a disability, the health insurance funds are still only obliged to cover the cost of the pill for women under the age of 21 (judgment in file number L 4 KA 17/12).

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