Oily tear replacement for dry eyes

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Oily tear replacement stabilizes the tear film in dry eyes

When the eyes are tired and sensitive to light and start to burn, they are usually too dry. As reported by the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany, oily tear substitutes help to stabilize the tear film in the so-called "office eye syndrome".

“Dry eyes” widespread disease Like people who work on the screen, they suffer from tired and burning eyes. Ophthalmologists then speak of the "office eye syndrome". "In this case, it makes sense to use oily tear substitutes that stabilize the tear film," advises Dr. Thomas Kaercher from the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany.

According to the association, around 15 million people in Germany suffer from dry eyes. "Many patients resort to self-medication without ophthalmological control," reports Kaercher. Tear substitutes are used as basic therapy. "The artificial tears wet the surface of the eye and so relieve the discomfort." To find the right remedy, the ophthalmologist can help. It is important to achieve the right mix of the body's own and artificial tears. In the meantime, new products are available that would affect the tear properties. “The pH value can be normalized, but also the fluidity and the osmolarity. This value shows how many particles like salts or glucose are dissolved in a certain amount of tears. ”

As Kaercher further reports, the small glands on the eyelid edges, the so-called meibomian glands, are often blocked when the eyes are dry. In order to open them again, a new process could be used, which releases heat and light pressure to the lid edges via a contact lens. "With this unique treatment, the meibomian glands can be opened and the symptoms are often significantly alleviated." (Ag)

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